Frozen with Love – USB Flash Drive

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The Frozen with Love – Video Class files can be purchased on a 16 GB Flash Drive.

Frozen with Love Video Class

It includes the 8 GB video class about freezer meals that is in MP4 Format.  This file can be played on a computer that has a software that can plan MP4 videos, and can be used on smart TVs.

Poster and Invitation File

The Poster and Invitation file that is in Word Format. You will be able to change the file date and time of the class so you can advertise the class.

Frozen with Love class poster instructions

Frozen with Love class invite









For more information about the Poster and Invite file click this link

Handout PDF file

The handout is 7 pages and follows along with the video class.  This file is in PDF format

Click here for more information on the handout file

Frozen with Love video class handout
Frozen with Love video class handout









After you place the order the Flash drive will be sent in the mail with all of these files.   You will also be able to download the poster/invite file and the Handout file so you can start right away preparing for the class.  The download link will expire within 4 days after the purchase.

Free shipping is included in the price!   This product only ships within the United States

If you live outside of the United States it better for you to buy the download or rent the video on Amazon Prime.



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