Probiotics and Healthy Bacteria

To stay healthy we should eat a little bit of probiotics every day.  You will find recipes for Yogurt, Kefir, Kombucha and Fermented Vegetables.

Cauliflower Pickles

Mediterranean Cauliflower Pickles

Dried herbs, garlic and lemon are used to flavor these tangy, probiotic, Mediterranean Cauliflower pickles. These pickles are packed with probiotics, and filled with vitamins that are great for your skin, anti-inflammatory, and are energy boosting. Historically, fermented foods have played an important role in the diets throughout the world. But beyond just […]

Chickpea and Yogurt Soup

Chickpea and Yogurt Soup

The reasons this Chickpea and Yogurt Soup recipe is a “Super Soup” is because: It is very easy to make and full of healthy probiotics! This amazing recipe only has 5 ingredients.   I keep the chick peas in my food storage and I always have plain yogurt on hand […]