Month: May 2013

Debone Trout

How to Clean and Debone a Fresh-Caught Trout

How to Clean and De-bone a Fresh-Caught Trout Learn how to clean freshly caught trout My awesome friend, Scott McIntosh, gave me some beautiful trout from Strawberry Reservoir. Strawberry reservoir is located in the Uinta National Forest in Utah and has the best trout! He was so kind to clean […]

Auto Antifreeze

If you aren’t sure where the coolant reservoir is you can look for your vehicle’s manual or you can search on the internet for the make and model of your vehicle.     When I checked my antifreeze level on my coolant reservoir it was pretty low.  Pictured at the […]

Birthday and Christmas Bingo Game Sets

Make a Birthday Bingo game for a child’s birthday party or give the game as a gift. The Christmas Bingo game is fun to play at a family party or can be given as neighbor gifts. This version of the Birthday and Christmas Bingo games is very easy for children […]

Moldy Car Air-Conditioner

Suggestions to try when your car air-conditioner smells moldy The bad smell can often start by going through a drive-through car wash with your air conditioner on the setting “intake from the outside.” This allows water to be splashed in through the vents around the windshield wiper area. Either turn […]

Rekey a Door Lock with a Smartkey

The first time I changed my door lock I used a Locksmith I did a google search on locksmiths in my city and I started calling. Some good questions to ask over the phone are: How much will it cost to rekey a door lock in (your location)? Tell them […]

Spring Ladies Luncheon

Plan an Old-Fashioned Springtime Ladies Luncheon with Salads in Mason Jars and Antique Centerpieces When planning the party, pick the date and time, then find the location to hold the party and deciding how many women to invite. Everything revolves around the date of the special party. Have three potential […]

Salad in A Jar

Liven up that same old salad by layering fresh ingredients into a Mason jar. The Salad in a jar is perfect for a summer party or grab-and-go lunch.  Layered salad jars are jammed packed with flavor and you can have them ready to grab, go and enjoy! Every salad dressing […]