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fixing my vintage trailer
Vintage Trailer, Women Fix It

Vintage Camp Trailer

The main reason why I am posting some webpages about fixing a Vintage Camp Trailer is because I want to show women that if I can buy and fix a Vintage Camp Trailer.. so can you!  Men can come along for the ride too but I wanted to write a post […]

Cooking, Holiday

Pumpkin Shape Ham and Cheese Ball

Everyone will love this festive Pumpkin Shaped Ham and Cheese Ball.  This recipe cuts calories and fat, but not taste.  It can be made days in advance of a Halloween party or Thanksgiving dinner.     Save Print Pumpkin Shape Ham and Cheese Ball Author: Homemaking Divas Recipe type: Appetizer Prep time:  […]

Skin Care Recipes

Eyelash and Age Spot Serum

This amazing Eyelash and Age Spot serum not only helps eyelashes grow thicker and longer,  but it helps to reduce age spots After removing makeup at night and washing your face, close your eyes and use roller bottle over the top of eyelashes.  Use your finger to massage the oil […]


Cleaning Class

This cleaning class helps women of all ages.  The young gals like this class because they can save a lot of money on cleaning products and the recipes do not use harsh chemicals.  The participants learn about “Green Cleaning” and recipes taught are better for sensitive skin and for the […]

Relief Society

Relief Society Service Projects

The Relief Society is the organization in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints where women come together to strengthen, serve, and teach each other. It’s Motto is “Charity Never Faileth” which women of the Church live by to bring relief to the weary and down trodden. The […]

Relief Society

Relief Society Super Saturday Activities

All of the activities listed are great to do for a Relief Society Super Saturday or a Midweek Activity. Some of the activities offer an inexpensive kit that can be purchased saving the Relief Society leaders time and save participants money. Smart Gloves When our fingers meet the touchscreen on […]