Bewitching in the Kitchen WInter Skin Care

Bewitching in the Kitchen – Winter Skin Care

Bewitching in the kitchen is a class that teach serums and potions that are great to make around Halloween time.  The class is about winter skin care recipes that use natural ingredients such as Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Calendula Oil.  We teach about these amazing ingredients and show you how to make recipes that will moisturize dry skin and help heal skin conditions such as Psoriasis or Eczema, Bug Bits, Sunburn, Diaper Rash, and even give a Facial Toner recipe that will help with acne.

The class was written to use in Young Women groups and Relief Society activities in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.. but the class doesn’t have any religious content and I have used this class to teach in various locations.  The next class in the series will be able creative Halloween treats and we will also give suggestions what you can serve for lunch.

Poster and Invitations

It’s best to advertise the class 4-6 weeks before you hold the class.  There are two files to help you advertise.  The first file is in word format and it has the invitation, a sign up sheet in case you want to invite participants to make some of the skin care recipes.  There is also a page that you can customize the poster with the date and time of the class.

Poster Signup and Invite

The second file is the color poster files that has 4 pages.  It is in PDF format and can be printed at the copy store or on your color printer.

Color Poster Bewitching in the Kitchen – Winter Skin Care

This poster can be made on a white board or poster board.   I purchased this white board at Michaels craft with a 50% off coupon,  I have included a link to the same white board on Amazon


1) Mysterious Forest Artist: Elena Naumova License purchased: #48151832751
2) Wasted Wonderland Artist: Myuu
Clipart: Cheryl Seslar Designs


Facial Toner and 2 bottles of the Healing Skin Care Spray

The Youtube demonstrate shows how to make a bottle of Facial Toner and 2 bottles of the Healing Skin Care Spray.   The same recipe is used for both but we have found that it’s more convenient to have two different types of containers.   Shopping List:   2 empty 8 ounce spray bottles,  1 – 16 ounce bottle Witch Hazel, 16 ounces of Liquid Aloe Vera (make sure to buy a brand that doesn’t need to be refrigerated after opening)  and you need Lavender Essential oil.

In each of the empty 8 ounce spray bottles put:   1/2 Cup Witch Hazel,  1/2 Cup Liquid Aloe Vera and 20-30 drops Lavender Essential Oil

At this point half of the witch hazel has been removed and you can use the container with the remaining 8 ounces of Witch Hazel to make the Facial Toner.  To this bottle add 1 cup of liquid Aloe Vera  and 50-60 drops of Lavender Essential Oil.

The Facial Toner is a natural remedy for acne.  Applying the toner to acne-prone skin can help slow down inflammation, redness, oiliness and bleeding. As a natural cleanser, it’s capable of reducing bacteria growth on the skin and speeds up the time needed to heal infections or scabs.

Another benefit is that this toner reduces the look of pores and helps stop excess oil production, sweating, and development of blackheads or whiteheads, which can contribute to breakouts.  Instead of opening up a pimple and making the problem worse, apply the toner directly to the skin wherever you notice a zit forming or tend to break out.

Apply the facial toner to discolored skin, bruises, old acne marks and bites to help fade their appearance and reverse damage.


Healing Skin
Recipe and Printable Labels for the Healing Skin Care Spray

Click here for the Printable labels for the Healing Skin Care Sprays

The Printable Labels can either be printed on Avery 6873 or a full page sticker sheet.   I purchased some expensive water proof labels at one point and even though they work better than a regular label I still had ink smear when they got wet.  I started putting contact paper over the top of the label on the spray bottle to help solve this problem.   I cut around the label design so a full page sticker sheet works well for this project.


The Printable files has a label for each of the 5 sprays mentioned on this webpage plus the Facial Toner.  On the label to be placed on the back side of the bottle there is instructions how to refill the bottle when its empty.   I’ve enjoyed the recipe being on the bottle so that I don’t have to get the handout every time the bottle runs dry.

Healing Skin Care Spray

The Healing Skin Care Spray is very simple to make! In an 8 ounce spray bottle put:   1/2 Cup Witch Hazel,  1/2 Cup Liquid Aloe Vera and 20-30 drops Lavender Essential Oil

  • kills bacteria that lives within skin’s pores
  • It is one of the most effective natural acne treatments — and it’s even been shown to stop cellular damage that can lead to skin cancer
  • Prevents signs of aging
  • and speeds up the healing process

We use this spray for 6 different purposes:  Facial Toner and Acne, Diaper Rash, Bug Bites, Sunburn, Hair and Irritated scalp, Hand Sanitizer

This spray isn’t limited to those 6 purposes but the list of skin conditions will help much more than that! It is good to use for Minor Cuts and Burns, Skin Sores, Bruises, Redness and swelling, Ingrown hairs, Psoriasis or Eczema, Oily skin, Excess sweating, Varicose veins, Cracked or blistered skin, Poison ivy, Razor burn, and Hemorrhoids


Healing Burns with the Skin Care Spray and Calendula Healing Balm

Another example of the effectiveness of the Healing Skin Care spray was when Shirley used it on her 2nd degree burns from her oven.  The picture on the right was taken three weeks after using the spray and some Calendula Healing Balm.

Healing Diaper Rash Spray

The Healing Diaper Rash Spray is easy to make. In a 8 ounce spray bottle put:   1/2 Cup Witch Hazel,  1/2 Cup Liquid Aloe Vera and 20-30 drops Lavender Essential Oil

The Anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel makes it an effective and safe remedy for soothing pain from diaper rash.  Regular application will also assist in healing damaged skin faster, further reducing your baby’s discomfort.

Adding Aloe Vera helps heal skin faster. It moisturizes the skin and prevents skin from drying.

Lavender Essential Oil is one of the few essential oils that is safe for your baby’s skin if the baby is older than 3 months old.  It will help soothe a baby’s bottom and it will also help clam and relax them.   Witches also like to add this oil to help the potion smell great.


Hand Sanitizer

A lot of homemade recipes for Hand Sanitizer are similar to brands that can be purchased.  They contain 60% to 95% alcohol because it kills bacteria.  Hand Sanitizer that contains alcohol, not only is flammable but it stings when put on cuts and chapped hands.  Alcohol dries out skin so if you have chapped hands it makes it even worse.  Alcohol can also seep into the pores of the skin and can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Did you know that a few squirts of Hand Sanitizer can be equal a couple of shots of hard liquor?   If the Hand Sanitizer is ingested it could lead to alcohol poisoning.

One advantage of making this recipe of Hand Sanitizer is because it contains Witch Hazel and it reduces the amount of alcohol from 60-95% to only 4%.   Witch Hazel is not a hazardous chemical.  If someone were to ingest Witch Hazel it may cause nausea but it’s not a health hazard.   If ingested you should drink lots of water to dilute it and seek medical attention.

Instead of drying skin the way alcohol does, Witch Hazel helps heal chapped and dry skin.  Another amazing ingredient in this recipe that helps moisturize skin is Aloe Vera.










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