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This cleaning class helps women of all ages.  The young gals like this class because they can save a lot of money on cleaning products and the recipes do not use harsh chemicals.  The participants learn about “Green Cleaning” and recipes taught are better for sensitive skin and for the environment.  Cleaning tips help women of all ages to be able to clean their home faster and easier.  The recipes have been tried and truly work better than expensive products.

The poster adverting the class is so dang cute!   You can buy mini clothes pins and string a clothes line (jute cord) on the top of the poster to hang the printed pieces of clothing (Pictured above).  The printable PDF file has poster pieces that fit on 8 x 11 size paper and can be printed on any color printer.   The file has a sign up sheet and a page with 4 invitations for participants to take home.  (the invites look like the poster).

Plan to send the participants home with a spray bottle of glass cleaner.  It will be a reminder about the video every time they use it.  A month before the class start passing around a sign up sheet so that you will have a count of how many people will be attending.   Start making the spray bottles early so that you won’t be too busy preparing for the class.   The file has the sign up sheet and the labels that can be printed for the glass cleaner bottles along with instructions how to prepare for the class.


To prepare for the class quart sized spray bottles can be purchased from the dollar store. The labels on the file are printed on sticker sheets and then placed on the bottle. If you don’t have waterproof labels, you can use regular Avery labels and place clear contact paper over the label so that the label will be water proof if it gets wet. Put 1 Tablespoon of Rubbing Alcohol in the bottle and fill the bottle with water. Make a batch of the homemade laundry detergent and place 2 tablespoons of detergent in a baggie and tie the baggie to the bottle with a ribbon or jute cord. For my demonstration I made the laundry soap into flower shaped tablets (Instructions are on this weblink) If you are going to purchase the mold to make these then you can also do a short demonstration on the class how to make the tablets. When I did this everyone wanted to make tablets in a super saturday activity after they saw the demonstration.

Start the class by watching the video “Looking Through Windows”
You will need to work with your Relief Society Presidency to get permission to show the video and to ask for help to set up the equipment to show the video. Our ward has a special person who brings the projector and will hook the projector up to your laptop. After the projector is set up test the video to make sure you will be able to view it in class.

The Powerpoint slide show has this video embedded in the first slide. You will need to be connected to the internet in order to view this video so after the projector is hooked up to your laptop start the slide show and make sure you are logged on to the internet and can view the video.

As a back up plan, downloaded the video to your computer in case you have problems with the internet the night of the class.  You can find the video on this weblink.  click to download on the bottom right hand side as pictured below.


The Powerpoint has pictures so that you won’t have to do a lot of demonstrations during the class. While teaching the class you just can read the slides as you teach. Towards the end of the powerpoint presentation you will do a demonstration on how to make the homemade laundry soap and you will need to take those supplies.


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 7 reviews
by Wilma on
very interesting

The class was very interesting and I want to try some of the cleaning recipes.

by Heather on
enoyable class

It was enjoyable to learn about the "Green, cost effective way of cleaning". I'm especially excited to learn about making some laundry soap and to try the Dawn/vinegar solution. I will also be saving my lemon peelings for my cleaning vinegar. Thanks for making the great labels, I'm excited to use them on bottles of cleaning solutions.

by Betty on
Good presentation

Good info and it was good to know that you tried all of the recipes out. The class had a good presentation. Tks

by Linda on

This class was fantastic and I am anxious to make and use these recipes

by Alyssa on
Great class

I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge in your class and would love to start doing this especially because I have a baby at home and it's safer without harsh chemicals. I also like how inexpensive it is 🙂

by Lori on
Absolutely Amazing!

I loved the inexpensive recipes and I will definitely be incorporating these ideas in my everyday cleaning.

by Toni on
Your class was a blessing to us

Thanks you so much Stacy! Your class was such a blessing to us! We definitely have ladies from ALL walks of life in our ward, and I think it speaks to the caliber of work and effort you've given to this passion of yours to have a presentation that appeals to so many women. You have an AMAZING talent!

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