Spring Ladies Luncheon

Plan an Old-Fashioned Springtime Ladies Luncheon

with Salads in Mason Jars and Antique Centerpieces

When planning the party, pick the date and time, then find the location to hold the party and deciding how many women to invite.

  • Everything revolves around the date of the special party. Have three potential dates in mind so that you can compare availability of the location. Try to include different days of the week for maximum flexibility. Look at the calendar to see if a holiday or local events will be a conflict for the participants. Be considerate of the participants when picking the time for the party.
  • If the group doesn’t already have a meeting place, take into consideration where the participants live and choose a location for the party that is centrally located. When planning the location consider how many people will be in attendance so the area will be large enough to accommodate the group.

The Party Theme is an Old-Fashioned Spring with Pansies

Old Fashioned Spring Ladies Luncheon with Salads in a Jar
Old Fashioned Spring Ladies Luncheon with Salads in a Jar

The Salads in the canning jars have edible pansies to make the salad pop with color. The women will love this meal because it is healthy, low fat, and is diabetic friendly. These salads are served with a diabetic low fat Strawberry Vinaigrette. The salads can be prepared days in advance which makes the meal preparation easy. The salad recipe includes: Layer One: Smoked turkey breast Layer Two: Red seedless grapes cut in half Layer Three: Chives or green onion Layer Four: Diced Provolone cheese, crumbles Feta or crumbled Gorgonzola cheese Layer Five: Mixed greens of romaine lettuce and spinach Layer Six: 2-3 small Pansies Place a bowl of the diabetic low fat Strawberry Vinaigrette on the table along with a bowl of sliced almonds

Customized Poster, Invitations and Sign up Sheet

When the file is purchased, you will need to fill out the form with the date, time, and location of the party. The customized file will be sent by email (in PDF format) within 24 hours. The file will include the poster, invitations and sign up sheet. The file can be printed, cut it out and assemble. The file also has the instructions on how to make the centerpieces and recipes for the party.


The posters are designed to be placed on a 17” x 23” Dry Erase Board. They can be found on Amazon or at Michaels Craft. I like to use these white boards because they are inexpensive and you can tape the pictures and borders to them and then reuse the board to advertise other activities.

If you click on the picture of the white board it will take you to the Amazon product page  






The invitations come 4 per page. All you will do is print them and cut them apart. The printed invitation can be tied to a colored piece of card stock with sheer ribbon. The Sign-up sheet has the same information as the invites. Instructions are included with the file.    Clip art used in this design was purchased with copyright permission from  Cheryl Seslar designs

The Centerpieces are made with a snack serving plate and cup

Buy pansy flowers from the nursery and place the flowers in the cup. Place the diabetic strawberry thumbprint cookies on the plate for dessert. Surround the plate with one or two of these items: doily, gloves, handkerchief and a black and white photo of a woman. Included in the PDF file are pictures of women in the 20s and 50s. If you are located in Northern Utah you can rent these centerpieces. Call 801-879-2452 for details Make a diabetic strawberry butter a couple of days before the party and order bakery rolls The drinks are served in a pint sized mason jar with a straw The recipes included in the file are: The salad in the jar, Strawberry Vinaigrette, Strawberry butter, Strawberry Lemonade and Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies. These recipes are diabetic friendly The PDF File includes the customized invitations, the poster and sign up sheet with instructions. The recipes for the meal are included along with instructions on how to make the centerpieces. Fill out the form below with the information to be entered on the poster and invitations, and then purchase the file  

Ladies Luncheon Printable File

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Spring Ladies Luncheon
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