Birthday and Christmas Bingo Game Sets

Make a Birthday Bingo game for a child’s birthday party or give the game as a gift.

The Christmas Bingo game is fun to play at a family party or can be given as neighbor gifts.

Birthday and Christmas Bingo Game Sets
Birthday and Christmas Bingo Game Sets
This version of the Birthday and Christmas Bingo games is very easy for children to play. The game is played with pictures instead of numbers. Children mark the Bingo card with "Smarties Candy" when the pictures are held up. The first person to get 4 pictures in a row is the first winner of the game. The players then clear the candies off the bingo card and look for a unique picture. The second winner is the player who has the card with the unique picture.

The printable Birthday and Christmas Bingo game files can be purchased separately. Each PDF file includes: 14 Bingo Cards, large picture cards, and game instructions.

The file was written for an instructor who may want to do this project in a class setting. The file includes a list of supplies and has instructions on how to calculate the cost of a kit. This is a fun project to do in a women’s group or as an Enrichment project in Relief Society.

Click here to see an example of the Christmas Bingo Game

(does not include a picture of a child)

Christmas Bingo Game PDF FIle $2.00


Birthday Bingo game PDF File $2.00

(does not include a picture of a child)


You can purchase an additional file with a child’s photo on a unique bingo card. The photo will also be on the clasp envelope in the instructions for the game. (see picture to the right)

Customized Bingo Card with Photo $2.00

after purchasing, email photo and child’s name to


The game is easy to make. 8 pages are printed on white card stock and then cut out with a pair of scissors. The instructions and gift tag are glued to a clasp envelope


Customized Poster, Invitations and Sign up Sheet

With purchase of this file, Class instructors need to fill out the form below with the date, time, location of the class, and how much you want to charge for the class. The customized file will be sent by email (in PDF format) and will include the poster, invitations and sign up sheet. The instructor just needs to print the file, cut it out and assemble.

Posters are designed to be reused for other classes and activity advertisements. The designs are for a 17” x 23” Dry Erase Board or poster. The Dry Erase Board that is used for these posters was purchased at Michaels craft for $16.99. If you sign up on Michaels website to get their coupons by email, you can watch for a 40% or 50% off coupon to purchase the Dry Erase Board.

The brand of the Dry Erase Board is: Mega Brand; The Board Dudes Item # 50030. 17” x 23”

Click here for The Board Dudes Dry Erase Board link

The invitations come 4 per page. All you will do is print them and cut them apart.

The Sign up sheet has the same information as the invites

After you purchase the PDF file it will be emailed to you



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