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fixing my vintage trailer

Vintage Camp Trailer

The main reason why I am posting some webpages about fixing a Vintage Camp Trailer is because I want to show women that if I can buy and fix a Vintage Camp Trailer.. so can you!  Men can come along for the ride too but I wanted to write a post […]

Auto Antifreeze

If you aren’t sure where the coolant reservoir is you can look for your vehicle’s manual or you can search on the internet for the make and model of your vehicle.     When I checked my antifreeze level on my coolant reservoir it was pretty low.  Pictured at the […]

Moldy Car Air-Conditioner

Suggestions to try when your car air-conditioner smells moldy The bad smell can often start by going through a drive-through car wash with your air conditioner on the setting “intake from the outside.” This allows water to be splashed in through the vents around the windshield wiper area. Either turn […]

Rekey a Door Lock with a Smartkey

The first time I changed my door lock I used a Locksmith I did a google search on locksmiths in my city and I started calling. Some good questions to ask over the phone are: How much will it cost to rekey a door lock in (your location)? Tell them […]