Extraordinary Relief Society

Have an Extraordinary Relief Society by holding a Super Service Soiree
This activity is a fun Relief Society Birthday Party or Activity

At the first meeting of the Relief Society, President Emma Smith stated, with no small amount of vision: “We are going to do something extraordinary.”  What has transpired through the past years has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Start the evening with refreshments of Cupcakes and an Ice Cream bar. When everyone is seated you can watch the YouTube video CLICK HERE
You will need to work with the Relief Society Presidency to get permission to show the video and to ask for help with the equipment to show the video.

If you want to download the video to your computer so you won’t need an internet connection you can find instructions on this weblink

Pass out the service cards and pencils. Explain to the sisters they should think of a service they can give to another sister. Write that service on the card on the left side. Tell them to tear the paper on the perforated line and place the left side of the service card in the basket. The right hand side of the card is for them to keep so they can write the name of the person they will be doing the service for.

When everyone has finished the refreshments ask them to put their chairs in a large circle.
Extraordinary Relief Society Service Game

Extraordinary Relief Society Service

Explain to the sisters they can either draw a service card out of the basket or they can take a service card from someone who has already pulled a card. Have them read the card as they pull it from the basket. Ask the sister who filled out the service card to raise her hand so the person who is receiving the service will know who is giving the serving. Start the basket going around the circle with the Relief Society Presidency so the other sisters will have a few cards to pick from in the beginning of the game. When all the cards have been pulled from the basket have the sisters mingle so they can fill out the right side of the card and get the information from the sister they will be providing service for.

After the Service Game the sisters can break into groups and pick the type of service they want to do.

Extraordinary Relief Society Service

Extraordinary printable file

When we had this Extraordinary Relief Society Service Soiree the service projects we held were:
Letters to Missionaries, We made kits for the Primary Children’s Hospital and We made quilts. For service project ideas click on the link below.

Relief Society Service Projects

Relief Society Service Projects
Click Here for Relief Society Service Projects


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