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Cards and Stationery

Instructions on How to Make the Cards and Stationery. Making homemade cards is fun and can save a lot of money. The cards in this lesson were designed with digital scrapbook images that were cropped and arranged in a printable file. After you purchase the Lesson Plan file, all you have to do is print, cut, and assemble the cards. No need to buying scrapbook paper and tools!

The Lesson comes with 4 Card designs, 1 Stationery design, and an envelope pattern

The cards in this lesson match the Book/Stationery Holder lesson click here

The Teacher of this class should be able to make the kits cheaper than it would be to buy the kits from this website. The advantage of buying the kits is saving time that would be spent gathering the supplies and making the kits. It takes about 6-7 hours to make 30 kits. The lesson plan below will give suggestions where to find the supplies and teaches how to make the kits.

Click here to read the instructions that come with the kit

Printable file to make cards and stationery

Printable file to make cards and stationery

Card and Stationery Lesson

This Lesson plan is written for the teacher of this class or an individual who wants to learn how to make the printable Cards and Stationery. The lesson plan is a great help for the Relief Society Enrichment Program in the LDS church, or any group who wants to teach homemaking skills.

The PDF file will include:

      Suggestions where to buy items to teach the class and what to purchase


      A check list to help prepare for the class


      A worksheet to help figure the costs of the class


    An electronic version of the handout that can be printed for the participants

Purchase the Lesson Plan $2.00 You will download a PDF file

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Purchase Card and Stationery Kits

$7.00 each kit

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Kit includes
2 color copies of Flowered Cards
6 pieces of stationery
4 scallop cards on blue card stock
Envelope template
1 yarn darning needle
2 metal brads
1/2 inch ribbon
6 inch wide Tulle
10 pieces of regular paper
10 standard envelopes
1 glue stick
6 page handout of instructions
Additional items needed to complete the project: Scissors, pencil, ruler, a paper trimmer, 1/8 inch circle hole punch


Customized Poster, Invitations and Sign up Sheet

With purchase of this file, Class instructors need to fill out the form below with the date, time, location of the class, and how much you want to charge for the class. The customized file will be sent by email (in PDF format) and will include the poster, invitations and sign up sheet. The instructor just needs to print the file, cut it out and assemble.

Posters are designed to be reused for other classes and activity advertisements. The designs are for a 17” x 23” Dry Erase Board or poster. The Dry Erase Board that is used for these posters was purchased at Michaels craft. If you sign up on Michaels website to get their coupons by email, you can watch for a 40% or 50% off coupon to purchase the Dry Erase Board.

The brand of the Dry Erase Board is: Mega Brand; The Board Dudes Item # 50030. 17” x 23”

Click here for The Board Dudes Dry Erase Board link

The invitations come 4 per page. All you will do is print them and cut them apart.

The Sign up sheet has the same information as the invites

After you purchase the PDF file it will be emailed to you


Order Form for Customized Poster/Invitation

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