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Decorating Mason Jars

Decorate a mason jar with wire garland

Decorate a mason jar with wire garland

Decorating Mason Jars for a party adds color all around the room and it’s an inexpensive way to decorate the event. Pictured below is star wire garland wrapped around a salad in a jar for a 4th of July party. The salad jars can be made and decorated the day before the party and then stored in the refrigerator until serving time. This step makes it easier on the host because the work completed in advance.
Also pictured is holly wire garland to decorate “Oatmeal Raisin Cookies” in a jar to be given as a Christmas Gift.


Wire garland comes in all shapes and colors and can be used for parties throughout the year. It can be found at the party store, craft store or ordered from Amazon.com

Mother's Day Salad in a Jar

Mother’s Day Salad in a Jar


I can’t think of a Mother on this planet who wants to cook on Mother’s Day! Making Salads in a Jar in advance will give all mothers a break on this holiday because the meal can be made in advance. The printable Mother’s Day file is a fun way to show the mothers in your life you’ve been thinking about them and want to make the day special.

Not only can salads in a jar be made for a family get together but you can make extra salad jars to take to the Mothers in your life who live alone, or take them to your friends who you think are awesome moms.

The printable file is an easy way to decorate your gift. All you do is print 1 page on white card stalk and cut out the pieces.

I like to use an 8 inch doily to decorate the Mother’s Day jar. Center the doily on top of the metal jar lid and then place the salad jar topper on top of the doily. Screw the metal band on the jar to hold the topper in place.

The jar wrapper comes with two pieces that are taped together and then wrapped around the jar and taped in place. It’s easier than wrapping a gift!

Mother's Day Salads in a Jar

Mother’s Day Salads in a Jar

To make the tag you punch a hole in the top of the tag and put a rubber band on the tag so it can be easily placed on the jar. Finish with a ribbon around the bottle and tie a plastic fork to the jar when you tie a bow.

The printable file has the Salad Jar topper, wrapper and Mother’s Day tag. The File also comes with a floral wrapper for a water bottle. cost is $1.00 and payment is processed thru PayPal

Click Here for Salad in a Jar Recipes and Instructions

Jalapeno Jelly Jar Decorated for Christmas

Jalapeno Jelly Jar Decorated to give as a Christmas Gift


    I love to give homemade bottled food for Christmas in a decorated jar. Pictured is Jalapeno Jelly instructions can be found here You can order labels on the “Ever Mine” Website
The oval label is about $.30 each plus shipping. The cheaper method is to make your own labels using Avery Oval Labels #22814. Walmart carries these for about $9.00 for a package of 90 oval labels. (Making them $.10 each). You could find Avery labels at office supply stores also.

At the Avery website CLICK HERE You will find a lot of good label templates. First type in the Avery label number and it will search for the label. You can then pick a template

The website walks you step by step on how to make the label. You can delete pictures and add your own clipart. You can move the text box around; choose your font and the size.

When printing labels, you can choose to print the number of labels you want instead of printing the whole sheet.

The following link is a printable page that can printed on the Avery 22814 labels or a full page sticker sheet. You can also print this page on card stalk and use the ovals for a tag.
jalapeno jelly label
Kraft paper was used on the jar pictured above. Lay the top of the jar on craft paper or a brown paper bag and trace around the jar. Then mark 1- 1 1/2 inches around the circle so you can cut the circle larger. Use bakers twine to tie around the jar.   Bakers Twine can be expensive so you need to shop around. I have seen it cost as much as $5.00 for a spool with only 30 yards. Instead of shopping in the baking section or the party store.. go to the crochet section at the craft store and find Aunt Lydia’s Baker’s Cotton. The ball of thread has 150 yards for about $5. I also found this fantastic deal on Amazon. The cone has 766 yards.  

Decorate a Mason Jar as a Thanksgiving Thank You Gift

Decorate a Mason Jar as a Thanksgiving Thank You Gift


This decorated jar is such a fun gift to give in November! Especially when it’s filled with a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread recipe. The PDF printable file comes with 2 Jar Toppers that have a picture of a cornucopia. One topper says “Thank You”. The PDF file has both regular mouth sized toppers and wide mouth toppers. The wrapper circles the jar with thanksgiving pictures.
Cost for 6 page file $1.00

Click here for the Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Decorate a Mason Jar with a Fabric Bow

Decorate a Mason Jar with a Fabric Bow


It is so much fun to decorate Mason Jars for Christmas Gifts. When I used fabric to decorate the jar I don’t cut strips of fabric with scissors. I like to tear the fabric in strips because it leave a frayed edge along the strip. It is cheaper to decorate the jar this way than it is to buy ribbon. The first strip you tear off will be uneven so discard that piece. The next strip will have frayed edges on both sides of the strip. Tie the fabric strip around the jar, tie a bow and then trim the ends to the desired length. You can insert a holly or berry sprig, mini fall leaves or spring flowers.

Decorate a Mason Jar with a Printable wrapper and Jar Topper

Decorate a Mason Jar with a Printable wrapper and Jar Topper


Using Jute Cord to tie around the jars is very inexpensive and can be found at the home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot. Green can be used at Christmas and the Tan cord can be used any time of the year. This printable file has jar wrappers, jar toppers for both regular mouth and wide mouth sized jars and two different gift tags. These gift tags can be used with the meal in a jar tags throughout this website. I print the file on card stalk and then cut the pieces out.
Cost for the 5 page printable file is $1.00  


Click here for the Introduction to Meals in a Jar webpage

Introduction to Meals in a Jar

Introduction to Meals in a Jar

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Etched Dish Soap Dispenser

Etching on glass is easy and fun. Years ago stencils were made with contact paper and a xacto knife but now the Cricut machine makes it very easy. The Lesson plan teaches how to cut the stencil with the Cricut machine but if you don’t have a machine you can purchase the stencils and/or kits below.
I have taught this type of class in many ways and have learned from many mistakes. One time we taught this class and let people put their names on glass casserole dishes.  It was a fun idea but we made the mistake of letting them choose the font and we had to print every name so the class took forever! Another lesson I learned is when we bought etching cream in a large bottle and dumped it on a small foam plates for each participant. What a waste of money!  An expensive part of this class is the etching cream and when we put it in foam plates most of the etching cream was thrown away after class as the plate went into the garbage.

As I started planning this activity for this webpage I decided to shop around for the vinyl to see if we can do this project cheaper. As I thought about the lessons I learned throughout the years I remembered when I first started teaching this class we used contact paper and a xacto knife to make the stencils and a light went off in my head…. I tried cheap old drawer liner contact paper in my Cricut machine to cut out the letters. Oh my gosh.. this saved a huge amount of money!

Important tips that will help make this class run smooth and save money.

  • The containers I sell on this webpage have a lid that can be closed and the etching cream can be used at a later date instead of throwing it away.   The container does 3-5 dish soap dispensers so 3 people can share this container if extra stencils are ordered.  Buying the etching cream this way is a lot cheaper than if a larger bottle is purchased and divided out.
  • Use the cheap roll of drawer liner contact paper to cut the stencils instead of buying the expensive vinyl.
  • Have the stencils cut out before class.  Don’t let the participants choose the font or the class will last for hours!
  • I purchased the olive oil dispensers from Walmart but they only have a few in stock.  Order them online and have then shipped to the store or talk to the manager and ask them to bring in enough olive oil dispensers for your class.  Make sure you plan this activity far enough in advance to order the dispensers.

Etched Dish Soap Dispenser

Etched Dish Soap Dispenser


The kit comes with 1 stencil and 1 ounce jar of Armour Etching Cream.    3 ounce jars of Aromour Etching cream can be purchased at the craft stores for about $13.00 but for a class environment it’s better for each person to have a small container for their use.

The kit comes with enough etching cream to do 3-5 dish soap dispensers (additional stencils can be purchased). Olive oil dispensers can be found at Walmart or other department stores.

An instructor can use the printable instruction link below to help teach the class. The detailed instructions that can be purchased have more detailed instructions about how to make the stencils with the Cricut machine

Click here to see the instructions for Dish Soap Dispenser

For more detailed instructions, purchase the Lesson Plan and Instructions

Lesson Plan and Instructions

This Lesson plan is written for the teacher of this class or an individual who wants to learn how to make the Dish Soap Dispenser.

The PDF file includes:

Suggestions where to buy items to teach the class and what to purchase

A check list to help prepare for the class

Instructions how to cut the stencils with the Cricut machine

An electronic version of the handout instructions

Purchase the Lesson Plan $2.00 – You will download a PDF file

Purchase kits

$4.50 each kit

Kit includes:
“DISH SOAP” stencil
1 ounce bottle of Etching cream. This is enough cream to do 3-5 dispensers. Additional stencils can be purchased to make more dispensers.
Small paint brush
A toothpick
Additional Items needed to complete the project:
Olive Oil Dispenser, water, glass cleaner and paper towels

Purchase additional stencils

$1.00 each

Customized Poster, Invitations and Sign up Sheet

With purchase of this file, Class instructors need to fill out the form below with the date, time, location of the class, and how much you want to charge for the class. The customized file will be sent by email (in PDF format) and will include the poster, invitations and sign up sheet. The instructor just needs to print the file, cut it out and assemble.

Posters are designed to be reused for other classes and activity advertisements. The designs are for a 17” x 23” Dry Erase Board or poster. The Dry Erase Board that is used for these posters was purchased at Michaels craft for $16.99. If you sign up on Michaels website to get their coupons by email, you can watch for a 40% or 50% off coupon to purchase the Dry Erase Board.

Click here for The Board Dudes Dry Erase Board link

The invitations come 4 per page. All you will do is print them and cut them apart.

The Sign up sheet has the same information as the invites

After you purchase the PDF file it will be emailed to you


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