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The Homemaking lessons on this website are to assist women in being strong, independent and successful.  Being a Homemaking Diva is not just about looking pretty and cooking amazing meals.  It’s about being confident and achieving an inner peace that is necessary for long-term success as a wife, mother and career woman. 

The lessons are written with basic step by step instructions for a beginner and help an instructor prepare for a class setting. These lessons and activity plans are a great help for the Relief Society Enrichment Program in the LDS church, or other groups that wish to learn homemaking skills.

The lessons have been prepared with a tight budget in mind.  It’s easy to spend money, but the challenge is learning skills with little money.

The Homemaking Lesson Plans have suggestions where to buy the items to complete the class, and some lessons offer kits that can be purchased.

sewing bookcover kit

Customized files can be purchased to print posters and invitations to advertise a class or activity.

Dishsoap dispenser poster

How a Woman Fixes "IT"

These free printable files tell good and bad experiences women had when fixing something. We can all learn from the experience.

This section is not written for a class/group environment (unless you want to invite the gals over to help you)  Wouldn't it be fun to pull together a group of woman and rotate helping each other fix things?

Send your experiences about how you've fixed something, with pictures, and we will post it on the website. Email

If you have any questions please email. If we don't have the answer we will help as much as possible.

women fix it


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